Posted by: Yankee | December 1, 2011

The 10 Commandments [for an Unstrung Convenant]

1. Thou shalt not plan ahead, not further than the next 10 minutes, under no circumstances. Thou shalt revere the notion of “some other time, ok?” no matter how implausible it might appear to thee.
2. Thou shalt not intrude, or be wroth if intruded upon.
3. Thou shalt not call too often.
4. Thou shalt do thy best not to miss anything whatsoever, and if thou shalt allow thy self to miss, thou shalt not utter it more than once a week. Twice if thy need is dire.
5. Thou shalt keep it light.
6. Thou shalt not infer, or assume, or expect, or consider thy self entitled. To anything.
7. Thou shalt not express feelings or disapointment.
8. Thou shalt go to sleep when told to, or when it is assumed it’s probably best if thou didst.
9. Thou shalt wake up when told to, or when the 4th, the 10th or the 3rd Commandment hath been broken unto you.
10.Thou shalt not think of benefits as anything more than good fortune.



  1. true story bro

  2. de ce nu mai scrii? 😦 imi placea sa citesc

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