Posted by: Yankee | December 15, 2010


[ must taste like this ]

a day for idle unicorns and for cold coffee, sitting on the floor between pillows.

a day for aimlessness and candy, starfighters and colons and closing brackets.

a day for watching snowflakes through binoculars. A day for pudding crust.

a day for yawns, and for almonds, and for charcoal drawings.

a day for jazz and for Rushdie and for lyrics.

a day for toes wiggling.

a day for myself.

and for me.





  1. Stai ase’ ca apar minteni’

    • 😐 atata-tzi trebe, asmut unicornu’ pe tine!

      • Promiti?

  2. si asta e superba

  3. tare bine ma simt pe blogu’ asta

    • colon, bracket. mai poftiţi pe la noi. avem proaspătă, la ibric.

  4. hehe 😀

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