Posted by: Yankee | December 9, 2010

You don’t need to be coy, Roy

[ in another couple of months, we’ll probably have identified another 200k ]

1.  you meet, have a cup of coffee, charmingly share your thoughts about the finer [albeit obscure] points of euclidean geometry, pose a smiling [albeit obscure] profile while the cigarette smoke subtly clouds and shifts the green in your eyes to steel grey. Suddenly you recall there’s a beautiful [albeit obscure] place in, say, Venezuela, or Galway – where you need to be in the morning. You take the last Wizzair flight to Heathrow, in either case.

2. you make out with your lover’s best friend. Both of you take a bullet. Your lover takes it in surprisingly tight places in prison.

3. you slip into his/her apartment at half past noon when [s]he’s at work, to snatch your tee-shirt, your sunglasses and your necktie. You kindly return your keys by dropping them into the mailbox. You leave the toothbrush. You take the bus.

4. you go to Mars. You take a shuttle.

5. while celebrating your 1st year together, you sing at a karaoke party, get noticed by a producer, sign a deal with a famous label, become a celebrity. You take your private jet.

6. you die. You take a hearse.

7. you get married and have kids together. You take it too seriously.

8. you go to the store to get milk and cigs. You fall in love with the clerk. You take your time.

9. you wake up one morning next to someone else of the same sex [same as yours, and opposite to that of your lover]. You take a deep breath and close the door to the closet.

10. you simply don’t meet, or call, or kiss, or make love, or have tea with him/her all of a sudden. You take a chance.

**** Leapşă către Zoli, ca să ne reîntoarcem la standardele înalte de comunicare şi camaraderie dinaintea episodului contestării constituţionalităţii piciorului pe scaun:

Man, continuă cu Metodele 11 – 20. Şi dă-o mai departe 😀


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